The Dubai-based Children's City is the first educational city in the UAE devoted to children between two and fifteen years old where they can investigate, explore, play, discover, and learn about the world in which we live. The City is specially designed for children to interact and discover together in family and school groups.

  Latest News
02 Apr 2014

 ‘Colour Your Spring at Children’s City’ kicks off

16 Feb 2014

Children’s City launches  ‘No.1 Customer’ initiative

30 Jan 2014

Children’s City celebrates International Day of Persons with Disabilities

21 Jan 2014

Children’s City opens new toddlers’ area

25 Nov 2013

Children's City makes huge logo in support of EXPO bid

20 Nov 2013

DM hosts biggest book’s exhibition

20 Oct 2013

Celebrate Eid with Children’s City

09 Oct 2013

Dubai Municipality organizes Robotic Training Program for school students at Children’s City

06 Oct 2013

Children's City organizes annual customers' forum

27 Aug 2013

Children’s City ensures meaningful summer for children:

Salah Amiri

Children's City Galleries

Touring Exhibition Section “ Your Planet Needs You”

Your planets Needs You exhibition  , the international exhibition hosted for the first time in Dubai,  is an exploration of how we will survive in a changing planet.


Children's City has its own Planetarium dome where visitors can get a chance to see shows on a range of topics that explore the night skies, stars and galaxies

Play Space ( Closed for maintenance )

Stay Tuned for our new Future Projects

Toddler's Area

Discover the fun and entertainment in Toddler’s Area . Enjoy games, climbing on the interactive structure and diving in a pool of plastic balls, if you are less than 6 years

Workshop ( Yellow, Blue & Red Halls )
Our hands on workshops and demonstrations about the arts and sciences and designed to entertain and educate children and parents.
Al-Ajyal Theater
Located in the ground floor, our theater features various performance, films and workshops.
Nature Center
Children can see and interact with exhibits about animals that live in the Emirates, see some actual fossils and there is a live fish tank
Resource Center
It is like a modern library for children, which includes books, audio and videocassettes, educational games and internet services.
International Culture
This gallery gives an impression of different experiences of children in different countries and regions by exploring dress, customs and culture. Highlights include a life-size model of a Chinese dragon.
Computer and Communication
This gallery deals with teaching children how to use communication techniques and compares them to old ones. There is a giant computer in this gallery where children can use a giant mouse to navigate.
The Way We Live
The Way we Live contains exhibits about local trade and heritage that has influenced everyday living in Dubai and looks forward to some of the building projects in Dubai.
Space Exploration
This gallery teaches children about the solar system, astronomy and aviation principles and there is a huge plane model displayed in the gallery 
Children's City Map
What is your opinion about our New Toddler Area?



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